Career Assessment...what's that??

The Great Reset. The Great Resignation. I’m sure you’ve heard how many people are reassessing and reprioritizing their relationship with their current job. Particularly among those who have been in their respective industry for quite some time. I know it can be challenging, especially for the seasoned professional, to decide on what aspect of their career change to pursue first. 

Starting with assessing what skills you've been using up until now, can help you plan on where you'd like to go next.

About The Course

Module One - Career Assessment

This will entail a “deep dive” into some of the career experiences you’ve had;

Identifying patterns of skills/strengths, and which of those you enjoyed, and felt you were good at.

We’ll also discuss some of the personality assessment tools out there, that you can give additional insight. 


  • Instructional video;
  • Activity Sheets;
  • Additional Resource Sheet.

*This course is part of 3-module series, designed to inform participants on strategies for navigating career transition.

  • Module One - Career Assessment
  • Module Two - Career Mapping
  • Module Three - Developing Your Brand

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Career Change Strategies for the Seasoned Professional - Module One

Career Assessment

About the Instructor

Hello learners! Hope here.

I have been in the world of Learning and Development since August 2012, initially starting out on a Veteran career management project with AmeriCorps VISTA. And I've been hooked on career development ever since.

Recently, I took one of those silly online tests, hence the photo. Ironically, the results are pretty accurate: I love sharing knowledge with others.

In total, I've navigated 4 career transitions. I took of series of intentional steps that continue to serve me well.

I developed the career transition course to share my knowledge with you, in hopes that they do the same for you.

Faith, trust, and a little pixie dust,